The Bugatti Vision GT Is Surprisingly Loud: Video

The Bugatti Vision GT may have been dreamt up and built because of Gran Turismo 6’s artificial Vision GT program, but it’s far from fiction, able to run and drive under its own power. We wouldn’t believe the Vision GT concept car brought to the recent Frankfurt Motor Show actually worked unless we saw it with our own eyes, and thanks to YouTube’s, we can.

The same quad turbocharged W16 engine that was used in the Veyron gives the Bugatti Vision GT has a familiar yet surprisingly loud exhaust note. Bugatti said the Vision GT is a good sign of what’s to come styling-wise from the upcoming Chiron Veyron-successor, but now we’re hoping the louder, more defined exhaust note carries over as well.

The Vision GT was easily our favorite car from the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, so it would be nice to Bugatti put some of the finishing touches on it and actually take it to the track. We can only hope, though, so the video above of it starting up and driving at a snail’s pace will have to do for now.

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