This Is The Upcoming Fiat 124 Spider

We’ve already seen spy shots of the ND Mazda Miata-based Fiat 124, however now the upcoming compact sportscar has been caught completely uncovered by Autoblog photographers in California.

The images don’t reveal too much about the 124 we didn’t already know, however it does give us a few insights into what to expect from the model. The changes separating the 124 from the Miata are minimal, with a redesigned front and rear fascia, different wheels and of course, Fiat badges.

Inside the cabin, the 124 looks identical to the Miata, however where you’d normally see a ‘Mazda’ badge you now see a Fiat one. As Autoblog points out, this is far from a bad thing, as the high-quality interior materials and dial operated infotainment system were well received in the Miata and will be a welcome addition to the 124.

The model photographed in California was an automatic, likely using the six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission found in the 500L and Dodge Dart. Fiat’s 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder used in the 500 Abarth is expected to serve as the base engine, while the 1.75-liter turbocharged four from the Alfa Romeo 4C is expected to serve in the hot Abarth model.

See what the new Fiat 124 is all about over on Autoblog before it makes its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

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