What Type Of Person Drives An Ex Police Interceptor?: Video

People have a number of excuses for buying an ex-police interceptor. ‘It was cheap!’ they’ll say, ‘It’s reliable and fast!’ they’ll exclaim, knowingly side stepping the truth. In reality, they really just wanted to look like a cop, but we can hardly blame them.

Regular Car Reviews recently got his hands on a 2000 P71 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor and addressed the type of people who buy a Crown Vic. Like us, he believes the only person who buys an ex cop car is someone who wants to look like they are in a position of authority, but he also goes into detail as to why.

Depending on where you live, people may drive with no respect. Cutting you off, not letting you in when you are signaling, tailgating, you know, just typical bad driver stuff. Buying a police interceptor ensures you deal with none of this, as no one is ever truly sure if you’re a cop or not. This makes your daily commute much more enjoyable, and that makes a pretty darn good case for buying a police interceptor.

So if bad drivers are something you’re tired of dealing with, just buy a Crown Vic and fool everyone into thinking you’re a cop. You may get called names or have people mutter things under their breath about your vehicle choice, but if a peaceful commute is all you want, we’d say it’s an equal trade off.

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