A Lesson In Lighting Your Lamborghini Aventador LP-750 SV On Fire: Video

We’re not usually the type to revel in people’s misfortunes, but when you’re driving obnoxiously and being a nuisance to everyone around you, we’re more than happy to see you get hit with a heavy dose of karma.

This video of a Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Aventador SV out for a drive together comes from Dubai, to no one’s surprise. The videographer pulled out his phone to catch the two supercar’s in action, which enter the frame driving in an needlessly reckless manner, but ended up getting a lot more drama on film than expected.

The driver of the Aventador SV is revving the car’s loud V12 at a red light without any regard to those around him when the 458 driver pulls out a selfie stick for a picture. The stars then align and a blue flame spits from the Aventador’s tailpipe, catching the rear fascia on fire just as they throw their hands up for an Instagram photo.

The Aventador ends up burning to the ground while the man who was in the Ferrari fruitlessly attempts to spray it with a fire extinguisher you wouldn’t dare use to put out anything larger than a garbage fire. We hate seeing rare exotica like this destroyed, but the whole scenario is a bit satisfying considering how they were behaving just moments prior.

Check it out above.

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