EA Real Racing 3 Is The Only Way You Can Drive The Lamborghini Asterion

Not long ago EA games added NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing and cars to its Real Racing 3 smartphone game, which prompted us to download the handheld driving sim. So far, we actually quite like the game, and EA’s now scored more points in our books for adding the Lamborghini Asterion hybrid supercar to the app’s library of vehicles.

If you don’t recall the Asterion, it debuted at last year’s Paris Motor Show with the intention of previewing future powertrain solutions from Lamborghini. Powering it is the 610 horsepower V10 from the Huracan, which is supplemented by three electric motors for a total output of 910 horsepower.

Despite looking like something Lambo would actually pump out of its Sant’Agata-based factory, the Asterion is destined to remain concept, as far as we know. That means the only place you can drive it is on Real Racing 3, so pop over to the app store if your curious about the how the hybrid Lambo drives.

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