New Ford ‘By Design’ Ad Campaign Features First 2016 Focus RS Commercial: Video

Ford today launched its new ‘By Design’ ad campaign, which stay true to their name by being some of the most stylish new car commercials we’ve seen – along with fellow Ford family brand Lincoln’s. Our favorite of these new spots is for one of our favorite new Ford products, the 2016 Focus RS, and also happens to be the first commercial ever for the super-hot hatch.

The commercial opens with an overhead shot of a record player spouting out Sonny Cleveland’s ‘Running In Circles’, which is actually a new song, despite its 50s swing sound. The Focus RS then enters the frame doing a drift around the record player, showing off what its torque vectoring all-wheel drive system can do.

It’s appropriate that the Focus RS’ first ever appearance on the small screen shows it sliding sideways, as that’s pretty much all we’ve seen from it thus far. We have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before the commercial pops on your TV, but Ford’s also posted it to their YouTube channel. Check it out above, and if you’re interested, the rest of the By Design ads have also been uploaded to YouTube.

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