Study Finds Ford Lags Automotive Industry In Female Board Member And Executive Positions

A recent study of Michigan’s biggest public companies and the composition of their boardrooms revealed results that could be interpreted as being unfavorable to females looking to progress to Ford’s top positions. Of the 850 board seats of the companies surveyed, only 98 are held by women, with 12 of those being held by women of color.

Notably, Ford only has one female executive officer out of a total of 19, and she’s not among the highest paid. What’s more, of the 15 members of The Blue Oval’s board of directors, only two are women. By comparison, cross-town rival General Motors has four women on its 14-member board of directors, with one being amongst the top five compensated.

Chrysler wasn’t part of the study, but we expect to see similar findings there as we do at The Blue Oval.

The Motrolix Take

The well-known debate regarding the appointment of the right candidate for the job regardless of sex, ethnicity, or other demographic factors compared to hiring and appointing based on some quota (such as EEOP) is now quite familiar. But the difference in the amount of female leaders at Ford compared to GM is interesting, if not slightly alarming, making us wonder if there are other factors at play that make this situation a reality.

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