Toyota EV Benchmarking Spree Includes Tesla Cybertruck, Hummer EV

Toyota has gone on an EV benchmarking spree, currently evaluating several vehicles from competing automakers. Sources within Toyota’s product development team tell MOTROLIX that the Japanese automaker is currently benchmarking the Tesla Cybertruck, GMC Hummer EV Pickup, and the Ford F-150 Lightning, likely in an effort to plan a future Toyota EV pickup.

The three aforementioned full-size pickups being tested are currently being evaluated across two Toyota campuses in the U.S., with the effort involving a “healthy cross-section” of staff from various departments, according to sources.

As of this writing, Toyota Motor Company offers two electric vehicles in the U.S. market – the 2024 Toyota bZ4X, which carries a starting MSRP of $44,420 including freight and delivery charges, and delivers a maximum driving range of 252 miles. There’s also its platform mate, the Lexus RZ, which starts at $55,150 including freight and delivery charges, and has a maximum range of 266 miles.

Though the Japanese automaker has previously hinted at a midsize pickup truck with a battery electric powertrain, a larger full-size truck – along the lines of the Tundra – might make more sense as the next Toyota EV based on the more ability of a larger model to package a larger battery pack and deliver longer driving range.

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