Christian von Koenigsegg Says Tesla Model S Drives Better Than BMW M5

Christian von Koenigsegg knows a thing or two about internal combustion engines and extremely fast sports cars – as his company with the same last name have become world-renown for their performance and speed. What many of us didn’t know about the man is, by 2020, he sees electrically-charged vehicles with zero-emissions to be a dominant force. Seems like a drastic departure in philosophy from the head of a company that plans on selling the 1,321 horsepower Agera One:1.

A few years back, von Koenigsegg tried to get the electric-car ball rolling for his company. Having attempted both a partnership with a start-up company and the taking over of Saab (both in the hope of producing a viable electric vehicle), so maybe we should have seen his rave review of Tesla as no surprise. In fact, Koenigsegg just took delivery on a Model S he ordered more than a year-and-a-half ago.

How good were his reviews? How does better than an M5 sound? According to von Koenigsegg, his Tesla Model S is more fun to drive, feels like it’s accelerating faster and handles better than the fancied BMW. Furthermore, according to Auto Motor and Sport, von Koenigsegg told Tesla Club Sweden the Model S was the best car in its price range and, as great as the performance is, the car is worth the money.

For the time being, we have to take von Koenigsegg’s word for it. This writer remains a touch skeptical considering his love for electric cars, his future endeavors, and the fact he may well have purchased a lump of cheap TSLA stock a few months back, which is now skyrocketing. Only von Koenigsegg knows the truth.

Yet, either way, another claim to the rise of the Tesla Model S.

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