This 1970 Mustang Is A Mach I Incognito: eBay Find

Years ago, cool cars were defined as the sportiest versions of a model, and were often purchased en masse. However, there always were the rare few who knew their way around an order form and spec’d out a vehicle that snuck under the radar. This 1970 Mustang fastback on eBay is the perfect example of just that.

You wouldn’t be crazy to initially think, “Oh, wow − a black Mach I that needs a resto.” But look closer and you’ll see it’s not a Mach I, but just your basic Mustang SportsRoof (Ford vernacular for “fastback”). But it is equipped with the M-code 351 4bbl. “Cleveland” with 300 horsepower, just like the typical Mach I. And check out the gearbox — a close-ratio 4-speed, making it one of 712 built like this. It also has the 3.50 Traction-Lok rear, so it’s clear this car was meant to go fast. Does it get better? If a Shaker hood scoop interests you, then yes. How about a black stripe on the hood? Gloss black cars with satin black stripes are always cool.

The seller says the Mustang was originally from the Cleveland area and possibly belonged to a street racer tearing it up around NE Ohio and SW Pennsylvania. Afterwards, like many warriors, it was left to languish. It need floors and torque boxes, and the left rail “needs a couple of spots repaired.” Both quarters, outer wheel houses, and trunk drops have already had metal work done but need finishing. The trunk is solid, the cabin is original but needs to be restored, and the original motor is missing, with a 351 Cobra Jet sitting in its place. The original tranny is still in the car.

Yes, this Mustang needs a complete restoration, and many Mustang folks will gravitate more to a Mach I, but there are a few of us who know how to recognize a cool car when we see one. But is it $8,500 cool?  That is something only a potential buyer can determine.

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