Comparing Pit Stops Across F1, NASCAR, Formula E And More Will Give You Respect For All Of Them: Video

Not all race series spend just 3 seconds changing tires like Formula 1. The world’s different racing categories each have their own way of taking a pit stop, and as we’ll see in the video below comparing the different stops, some require procedures other than changing tires and refueling.

Many readers may already know about NASCAR’s pit stops, in which two crew members go to work on four tires, each containing five lug nuts. The sound of the drill firing off five times in succession is music to the ears of any NASCAR fanatic, and considering most race series use center lock wheels, the sound is exclusive to stock car racing. The NASCAR stop may seem a bit low-tech compared to F1’s technique, but it’s got nothing on the simplicity of the Formula E pit stop. Due to the battery’s range and how long it takes to charge them, Formula E drivers are forced to switch to a car with a full charge during their race, which might not look too graceful, but at least it works.

One of the more entertaining stops is the FIA WEC pit, which usually entails one crew member wiping the car’s windshield or pulling off the removable plastic layer before¬†others refuel, change tires and help the other driver out. At the same time, the second driver is being strapped into the car for his stint, all before the car is lowered and sent on its way out of pit lane.

If you’re unfamiliar with certain race series or would simply like to see the different pit stops compared back-to-back, check out the video below. Eve if you’re not a fan of these different racing series, it will give you a chance to appreciate motorsports’ different mediums.

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