Audi A8 L Security: Coming To A Head Of State’s Fleet Near You

Audi has gone back to the drawing board with its A8 L Security armored sedan, upgrading its ballistics protection to be even more robust and adhere to higher ballistics resistance standards.

The A8 L Security now integrates aramide fabric, special aluminum alloys and hot-formed steel armor in its safety cell, a combination of materials that are stronger and lighter than those used in the previous A8 L Security. Thanks to these changes, the new car meets VR 9 ballistics standards and was tested for resistance to explosive charges, whereas the previous model only met VR 7 standards.

Every example of the A8 L Security comes equipped with an armored communication box in the luggage compartment, an intercom for outside communication and selective door unlocking. Audi can also install an emergency exit system, a fire extinguishing system and an emergency fresh air system if asked, in addition to other requests.

Minus all the armored hoopla, the A8 L Security is very much like a standard A8 L. Audi’s 4.0-liter 435 horsepower twin turbocharged V8 is standard, while a naturally aspirated 500 horsepower W12 is optional. With both engines the top speed will be electronically limited to 130 mph, the result of tires that possess strong emergency flat-running properties in case they are shot out or cut.

Whether you’re a head of state or an El Chapo-esque drug lord, Audi is confident the A8 L will keep you safe. The order books are open now, with deliveries scheduled to commence in Spring 2016.

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