Ex-Kimi Raikonnen Ferrari F2008 Crashes Hard At Spa: Video

Ferrari’s Corsi Clienti events are held so the wealthy Tifosi who buy up their ex-Formula 1 cars can drive them on the track in the presence of experienced mechanics and professional racing drivers. Most of these customers know what they are doing, but as the old saying goes, if you race cars, you’re going to crash cars.

Most recently, Ferrari’s Corsi Clienti circuit stopped at Spa, where a customer was behind the wheel of an ex-Kimi Raikonnen F2008. YouTube user Gumbal was on hand to film the rare sight, and just so happened to catch the F2008 as it spun and crashed into the barrier as it approached Spa’s infamous ‘La Course’ corner.

The driver escaped the wreck unharmed, though the F2008 looked a little rough. We can see it being repaired at great expense, but it will likely be no sweat to the owner’s already deep pockets. It would be a shame if it wasn’t ever repaired, as the F2008 helped take Raikonnen to wins at Malaysia and Spain in 2008, a year when he finished third in the championship behind teammate Felipe Massa and McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton.

So if you’re a Ferrari fan, be prepared to cringe as a race-winning Ferrari has a very heavy crash into the outside wall at Spa in the video above. If you’re of the McLaren-cheering type, you’re may be more likely to start laughing maniacally.

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