Explore The Contemporary Cabin Of The Porsche Mission E Concept: Video

With a 600 horsepower all-electric, twin-motor propulsion system and over 310 miles of driving range, it’s easy to overlook the Porsche Mission E Concept‘s interior. There’s no doubt its alternative energy powertrain is its highlight, but the all-new cabin is also important, giving us a peak into the future of Porsche passenger car interiors and connected driving technologies.

Porsche says the Mission E’s interior brings its design principles of¬†openness, purist design, clean architecture, driver orientation and everyday practicality into the future. Appearing sort of like a more contemporary Panamera’s cabin, the Mission E’s interior has four lightweight race bucket seats with a center console running through the front seats. Within the elegantly curved console is a new touch screen control module, which is joined by a new OLED driver display relaying battery, performance and connected car info to the driver.

Have a look at the Mission E’s interior in the video above. It may look like a thing of the future, however when Porsche’s inevitable Tesla Model S fighter arrives, it will likely boast an interior design not too dissimilar from what you see here.


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