Ford Promotes F-150 With ‘Aluminum Cleatus’ Fox NFL Robot Commercial: Video

Ford and Fox Sports have teamed up in order to promote the automaker’s aluminum-intensive F-150 full-size pickup during this year’s NFL Sunday broadcasts. American trucks and American football go hand-in-hand, so the partnership seemed perfect, but there was just one problem.

Fox Sports’ NFL mascot, Cleatus the robot, is made of steel. Ford’s on an active crusade against steel, promoting its aluminum F-150 as being the lighter and stronger option versus the steel competition, so they had Fox draft a new Aluminum Cleatus.

See how Fox and comedian Rob Riggle introduced their new lighter, stronger and faster Aluminum Cleatus in the video above. Judging by that look on Steel Cleatus’ face at the end, we have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him in the NFL regular season.

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