2025 BMW M3 Refresh Spied Undergoing Testing

Following the introduction of the latest F80 generation for the 2021 model year, the BMW M3 is now poised to receive a mid-cycle refresh (otherwise known as Life Cycle Impulse in BMW-speak) in conjunction with the 2025 model year. The refreshed 2025 BMW M3 follows the more recent addition of a few bits and pieces pulled from the BMW M4. Now, a prototype example of the refreshed 2025 BMW M3 sedan has been spotted testing in Germany, giving us an early sneak peek at what’s in store.

First things first, the front end of this refreshed 2025 BMW M3 prototype is covered in body-hugging black-and-white camouflage. Under the covers, we spot new headlights with updated inner graphics and a pointy design. At first blush, the camo-covered bumper appears to be identical to that of the current model, but will likely present a few updates as well. The traditional kidney grille nostrils are present and accounted for.

The profile and rear end remain uncovered, showing the same design as that of the current 2024 model year. The side includes a set of black wheels wrapped in sticky Michelin rubber and housing large brake calipers. That said, the upcoming refresh is expected to introduce a few changes in back, such as with new graphics for the taillights, and possibly a new diffuser.

Notably, this 2025 BMW M3 prototype is also equipped with a blanket that’s hiding the dash. However, the interior of the refreshed M3 isn’t expected to introduce any sort of major overhaul, given the M3 already adopted the M4’s large, curved infotainment display in conjunction with the 2024 model year. The display will be powered by the iDrive 8.5 system. Updates will likely include new colors, new trim choices, and new leather options.

Look for the refreshed 2025 BMW M3 to hit production next July, with coupe and convertible variants reportedly rolling off the line in March. The Competition variant will pack a bit more oomph, up to 518 horsepower expected.

Looking ahead, the G80 generation and long-roof G81 wagon will be discontinued in 2027, while the G82 and G83 will sunset in 2028. It’s unclear at this time if BMW will continue to offer the M3 and M4 with internal combustion past that timeframe, or if electric variants will take over from there.

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