Ferrari F250 Hypercar Spied Testing In Prototype Form: Photos

MOTROLIX spies just caught a prototype of the upcoming Ferrari F250 hypercar as it underwent testing near Maranello, Italy.

In its latest Capital Markets Day event, Ferrari confirmed plans for a new “supercar” to launch by 2026, and that it would “be limited to far less than 5 percent of total volumes.”

A photo showing a Ferrari F250 prototype undergoing testing in February 2024.

Though the prototype seen here is heavily disguised in the tarp-like camouflage, we can still make a few key details. First, the overall shape is clearly representative of a mid-engine form factor, with a short front end, cab-forward proportions, a gradually-sloping roofline, and a blocky rear end. We can also see what appears to be production bodywork peeking ever so slightly from under the camo, including the headlights, tail lights and – possibly – the center-mounted exhaust.

Beyond that, note the multi-spoke wheels finished in black, with the eye-catching brake calipers in red (with Ferrari lettering) biting down on meaty slotted rotors. Interestingly, part of the wing mirror assemblies are missing from this tester, and a black-on-yellow lightning bolt logo is visible just underneath the passenger-side tail light.

The prototype seen here is most likely the hardtop, but a convertible – named Spider or 200 Aperta – is a possibility, as are a few dozen track-only variants.

While no official specs or details have been announced, we have heard that the Ferrari F250 will not be powered by a V8 or a V12, but rather by a boosted V6 with an electric motor, resulting in yet another hybrid from the Prancing Horse, albeit one focused on performance instead of lowering CO2 emissions or improving fuel economy. Expecet lightweight techniques to be present and accounted for, including extensive use of exotic materials inspired by F1.

“The highly awaited new supercar will be launched within the plan period [2022-2026],” Ferrari told investors during the aforementioned Capital Markets Day, demonstrating that executives are well aware of the interest surrounding the F250 project.

Expect to see the new Ferrari F250 hypercar debut in the fall of 2024 likely as a 2025 model, with production limited to around 600 examples and a price tag pushing into the $2 million space.

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