Ford Takes Home Four “Best Car For The Money” Awards

Seemingly every article on Ford Motor Company lately involves the winning of an award of some sorts, be it from some Kelley Blue Book awards to its executive chairman winning a hockey tournament. So much so that Motrolix readers may be coming to the conclusion that Ford may just be the best car manufacturer in the world. Maybe. Well, yet again, Ford dominated proceedings taking home the most U.S. News & World Report’s 2014 Best Cars for the Money awards – four to be exact.

The 2014 Ford Edge took home the “Best Two-Row Midsize SUV for the Money” award whilst the 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid received the award for “Best Hybrid Car for the Money”. Not to be outdone, the 2014 Ford Fiesta took home awards in two separate categories: “Best Hatchback for the Money” and “Best Subcompact for the Money”.

The contestant pool consisted of 225 cars from 21 manufacturers and both quality and value data is analyzed to decipher the best cars for the money.

No, we cannot deduce Ford is the best car manufacturer in the world; however, if it keeps raking in the awards as it has in the early months of 2014, Ford will just let its resume speak for itself.

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