Missouri Ford Dealership Loses Big During The Super Bowl

No one likes to lose money especially during the big game. The big game meaning the recent Super Bowl, and the one losing the money is a Missouri Ford dealership who had a huge weekend sale during the big daddy of sports games.

Hutcheson Ford ran a promotion from Jan. 29 to Feb. 1, calling their sale “The Super Weekend Sale,” where if any customer bought a vehicle between those dates or either the opening or second-half of the kickoff of the Super Bowl was returned for a touchdown, the dealership would refund the price paid by the consumer. That’s exactly what happened.

Their mathematicians estimated a 2.5 percent chance of either half opening with a touchdown run, but when Seattle’s Percy Harvin continued the onslaught returning the second-half kick for an 87-yard touchdown run, 12 of the dealer’s customers were eligible for the refunds. Thanks to Harvin’s second half-kick return, the dealership ended up returning monies for prices ranging from $10,000 to $55,000. And the end result of how much they ended up giving back was $300,000.

Dealership Marketing Manager Kathleen Frazier, speaking to Automotive News , said at least we’re not like that furniture guy that lost $7 million. In addition, the dealership tool out a lot of insurance to cover their losses in the amount of around $300,000

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