1969 Ford Ranchero GT 428 Super Cobra Jet: eBay Find

Ford‘s Ranchero debuted in 1957 as a full-size car-based pickup, but soon was based on the compact Falcon in 1960. With the redesign of the Fairlane in 1966, the Ranchero moved along with it, and when it was redesigned in 1968, a new GT variant was introduced. This one on eBay is a bit more special than most.

The standard motor for the Ranchero GT in 1969 was a 302 2bbl. with the 351 2bbl. as the next step up. However, things began to get interesting with the four-barrel 351, 390, and 428 Cobra Jet. The latter was available with or without ram air. According to the Marti Report (an invoice service for Ford products), only 101 ram air CJs were built with automatic transmission, making this hauler capable of hauling more than just plywood. Pretty sweet, right? But this Ranchero GT is also equipped with the Drag Pack (turning the CJ into a Super Cobra Jet), which included digger gears (3.91 in this case), oil cooler, and several heavy-duty engine items to withstand abuse on the drag strip. On a pickup truck?

This Ranchero GT is currently at $6,101 with two more days to go. Need a new restoration project? You’ll get a lot for your money with this Drag Pack Ranchero compared to other projects¬†out there.

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