Ford Releases Third Mustang GT350 Teaser

Teaser number three of five teasers Ford is producing has been released, all of which leads up to a November 17, 2014 announcement. Despite the title above that screams “MUSTANG GT350,” we really can’t claim to know what Ford is hinting at, but we at GM Authority have hunches, and they all point to the new-gen replacement for the Shelby GT500.

The video, titled “Ford Performance and Powertrain,” suggests that Ford’s racing exploits trickle down to its street performance cars. Ford’s Global Product Development main man Raj Nair claims this new mystery vehicle is very driver- and track-oriented. Ford Global Marketing’s Jim Farley adds that turbocharging has changed things for Ford . . . what?

Turbocharging? So we’re willing to bet he’s not talking about the 2.3L EcoBoost. Is this video suggesting that this very special Ford, which could very well be the Mustang GT350, will sport a turbocharger? Hmm…

Watch the below video, which consists of images from the likes of Brembo and Recaro. We think the Mustang GT350 may be less of a monster than the GT500 and more of a balanced vehicle while missing none of the visceral brawn that made the GT500 a darling with Ford fans.

That is, if the video really is about the Mustang GT350.

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