Is That A Ford F-150 Or A Jaguar S-Type?

In 1990, Ford Motor Company made Jaguar part of its Premier Automotive Group. By 1999, The Blue Oval had expanded Jaguar’s lineup to include the S-Type, which shared the same overall vehicle architecture as the deceased Lincoln LS. Does that mean that Jaguar and Ford are one and the same? According to the owner of this Ford F-150, it might.

If you think about it, the 10th-gen F-150 was produced at the same time as the S-type, so it’s all in the family, right? But it’s almost like there’s some inappropriate cross-breeding going on, much like the handiwork of Dr. Moreau. Just as was the case with the not-so-good doctor, something’s amiss despite the seemingly-flawless execution. Kind of like the the Chevrolet SSR.

FoMoCo finally sold Jaguar in 2008, with the British automaker never making a profit under its ownership. Perhaps if Ford created this hybrid, money would have been knocking on Ford’s front door in Dearborn. Then again, maybe probably not.

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