Next-Gen Volkswagen Golf GTI, Golf GTD And Golf R May Feature New 10-Speed Transmissions

Recent reports suggest that Volkswagen will begin using a 10-speed dual-clutch transmission in its next-generation Golf GTI, Golf GTD and Golf R. The new gearboxes should help to not only improve fuel economy, but also give the vehicles an even more responsive driving experience by enabling the engines to remain in the optimal power band for longer.

Apparently, Auto Express has it on “good authority” that the three cars will get the new 10-speed transmission while lesser Golfs will utilize a seven-speed DSG unit. The 10-speed is expected to be the same size as unit it replaces, thereby being able to fit into VW’s MQB platform and improve fuel economy.

The Golf GTI, Golf GTD, and Golf R are expected to be the first vehicles to utilize the new 10-speed DSG before it becomes available in other VW vehicles, especially in larger ones like the Passat as well as VW’s upcoming wave of crossovers. Expect to see the transmission in MLB– and MQB-based Audi vehicles.

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