Volkswagen CEO Says American Golf GTD Still Alive

Diesel fans rejoice! After on-again/off-again rumors on the Volkswagen GTD, a turbo-diesel version of the GTI, VW of America’s CEO says that it’s best to sit tight.

Talking to Motor Trend magazine, CEO Michael Horn said that Americans can expect to have the GTD. “We didn’t give up. We have the business case, but it won’t be before the end of ’16 or early ’17. The probability is more likely now.”

Available in other parts of the world, the last-gen Golf GTD looked practically identical to the GTI and handled in similar fashion, but the GTD was almost a second slower to 62 mph and with a lower top speed. On the other hand, the GTD could get over 50 percent better mpg. That’s pretty significant, but 0-62 in 7.3 seconds doesn’t qualify as sporty to many enthusiasts. Still, there are enthusiasts (especially in the European market) who want the GTI’s duds with the benefits that only diesel offers. Americans? Some are still clamoring, but how much more are they willing to spend? In Europe, the GTD costs over $10,000 more than the GTI.

However, we like choices, and the GTD would be a welcome addition to the Volkswagen portfolio in America.


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