Plans To Sell Ford Plant In St. Thomas, Ont. Now Dead

Ford said earlier this week a deal to sell its former St. Thomas, Ont. assembly plant has fallen through. Selling the site could have brought more than 1,500 jobs to the area, Cnews reports.

Joe Preston, Conservative MP for Ontario’s Elgin-Middlesex-London region, said the longer the talks to sell the facility dragged out, the harder it became to reach a deal. Preston seemed agitated following Ford’s statements, saying “if they are, indeed, not able to finish a deal, then move on to get a deal, there are people who want this site.”

The interested buyer was Ont.-based environmental development company Blueforest Ventures. Ford says it now has another buyer lined up for their St. Thomas location, and is preparing the site for its potential new owner.

“At this time we have discontinued our negotiations with Blueforest and don’t have plans to resume them,” said Ford Motor Land Development Corp. representative Dawn Booker.

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