F-150 FX4 Shows Us How It Got Its ‘Ford Tough’ Name: Video

Automakers spend big bucks trying to convince consumers why their car or truck is better than the competition’s, but they could learn a thing or two from YouTube users.

The uploader of this video, Rage Haiku on YouTube, has probably sold a few F-150s for Ford with his video of a friend’s F-150 FX4 rescuing a semi-truck from Winter’s grips without them knowing it. The truck got stuck on a residential street after the midwest’s snowstorm late last week, and impressively, the F-150 was able to tow it free.

In our opinion, all you really need to sell some trucks is to put the pickup in question to work for all your potential buyers to see. Pickup truck drivers love to brag about how much their rig can tow, and a video like this is the ultimate trump card when arguing with your friends about trucks at the bar.

Take note, Ford marketing execs.

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