Porsche Exclusive Releases New 911 Turbo Aero Kit

If you haven’t ever heard of Porsche Exclusive, then clearly you aren’t a member of the one-percenters club. It’s the name of Porsche’s in-house customization firm, which takes factory production cars and performs all manner of aesthetic (and occasionally, functional) upgrades to them. It’s for the discerning customer who both recognizes that there is no substitute, but also wishes that his status symbol were set just a bit apart from those of the masses.

Porsche Exclusive has just released a new 911 Turbo Aero kit for such customers, not just for looks, but for increasing downforce without impairing the drag coefficient. Motor Trend reports that the new 911 Turbo Aero kit consists of a new front lip spoiler, rocker panels, and a “revamped” rear deck lid. The last component includes a new fixed trailing edge, as well as a redesigned adjustable rear wing.

Clearly, styling was no small consideration when Porsche Exclusive went about designing the 911 Turbo Aero kit; every component looks sharp and impressive, and the kit can be ordered either body color, or gloss black for a nice, stark contrast. Order the 911 Turbo Aero kit in gloss black and the intake fins on the deck lid also change to match.

As for functional improvements offered by the new 911 Turbo Aero kit, Porsche claims that total downforce (front and rear axles combined) at 186 mph increases from about 20 pounds, to 57. That’s in the Speed setting; set the car to Performance mode, and total downforce jumps from 291 pounds to about 331. And remember, all of this comes without any detriment to the car’s aerodynamic drag.

The 911 Turbo Aero kit costs about $6,950 – if optioned from the dealer at the time of purchase of a new Porsche. You can, of course, have one installed on the Turbo you just bought last month, but it’s about $6,890 for parts alone. Installation and paintwork will cost you some additional coin.

Aaron Birch is an automotive enthusiast and writer/filmmaker from Detroit, MI. As a rule, he only buys cars older than himself.

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