A Visual History Of The Ford RS Model

When someone uses the words Ford and RS in the same sentence, there are a few choice models that usually spring to mind. Many might picture the giant wing (somewhat-awkwardly) affixed to the back of the 1992 Ford Escort RS or the muscle-car-looking Capri RS of the early 1970s. Others might envision an image of the 2002 Focus RS and the even more bold-looking Focus RS that debuted in 2009. Of course, the brand-new 2017 Focus RS would also spring to mind. But as the folks at Car & Driver point out in their visual tour of the Ford RS lineage, there have been a total of 16, yes, sixteen various RS models over the years.

As C&D rightly point out, the birth of the RS nomenclature actually began with the 15M RS Coupe in 1968. From there, the RS badge graced everything from Escorts, Capris, Sierras and even Fiestas, eventually landing on a Focus for the first time in 2002.

Just based on visuals alone, we’d plunk our change on a sinewy 70′ Capri RS2600 or the ferocity that is the new 2017 Focus RS. Take a peak at the video and let us know which Ford RS you think did it best.


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