The Hood Vent-Integrated Turn Signals Of The 2016 Ford Mustang GT: Feature Spotlight

Just yesterday, Ford revealed the various updates in store for the 2016 Mustang. Though all of the updates were welcome, perhaps the update with the biggest cool factor was the hood vent-integrated turn signals that will be standard on the 2016 Mustang GT.

Ford first offered the turn signals on the 1967 Mustang. Since then, these secondary indicators have become an iconic piece of Mustang DNA. And, as it turns out, fans have been clamoring for the hood vent-integrated turn signals for years.

“Mustang enthusiasts are not shy about telling us what they want,” said Melanie Banker, Mustang marketing manager, “and we’re constantly exploring ideas together with our engineering team to develop new features we know our customers will love. These new hood vent indicators for the GT model are a perfect example of us communicating customer feedback to Mustang engineers and the team responding with an exclusive new feature for owners of the 2016 Mustang GT.”

The Motrolix Take

Though the signals don’t have much function on the 2016 Ford Mustang, they are undeniably cool. Meanwhile, how do you retrofit them into a 2015 Stang?

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