Next-Generation Dodge Charger To Pull Inspiration From 1999 Charger Concept

Fiat Chrysler debuted the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan in June of this year, kicking off its plan to invest $6 billion in order to expand the Alfa Romeo brand in North America. But the introduction of the model also gave us our first look at FCA’s new ‘Giorgio’ rear- and all-wheel drive platform, which is to be employed in several future models from the automaker.

Among those is the next-generation Dodge Charger. Dealers first got a look at the new rear-wheel drive four door earlier this week at FCA’s biannual dealer meeting in Las Vegas, with some anonymous sources telling Automotive News the car’s styling is “swoopy,” and borrows heavily from the 1999 Charger concept first shown at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Information is still scarce on the new Charger, though AN says it was very well received at the dealer meeting. A Jalopnik post made by a site user with friends at the meeting also made mention of a special-edition Charger Daytona with a 340 (5.5-liter) V8, giving us a little hope for the future of V8s in Dodge’s lineup.

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