Answered: What Are Lincoln’s Plans For Technology In The Near Future?

Lincoln has been fielding user questions on its recently-refreshed Facebook fan page. One of those questions surrounds the topic of technology:

Within the new technologies updates for other brands, what are the plans for the near future at Lincoln?

Lincoln’s answer?

Our Lincoln MK models offer the latest technology, often as standard equipment, which many other luxury brands do not offer in their base vehicles. As for the future, Lincoln continues to research new, innovative features that will improve the driving experience for our customers. Stay tuned.

The Motrolix Take

It’s difficult to tell if the question is referring to the recently-announced performance updates to the MyLincoln Touch infotainment system or to the overall technology equation/experience of Lincoln vehicles… and to our discontent, Lincoln’s vague answer isn’t of much help, either. But we certainly like the bit where Lincoln defines its value proposition by offering “the latest technology, often as standard equipment.” Now that is something we can all get behind.

Unfortunately, Lincoln hasn’t yet gotten around to answering the question we submitted last week, which went something like this:

How does Lincoln plan to compete with established luxury brands such as Lexus?

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