Take A Video Tour Of The Ford/Hennessey VelociRaptor SUV

The fine folks at Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) had a great idea: to transform Ford’s F-150 SVT Raptor into an SUV. The result is the VelociRaptor SUV, which blends a roof, barn-style rear doors, and an interior with optional third row seating while adding a supercharger to Ford’s 6.2 liter V8 for a boost in power, as seen on the tuned VelociRaptor trucks from Hennessey. The entire effort looks totally badass, and somewhat reminds us of the deceased Ford Excursion.

Here’s a brief overview of the VelociRaptor SUV in action:

In the video clip below, HPE founder John Hennessey gives us a tour of the VelociRaptor SUV, and then goes out for a brief test drive. Since the particular model featured in the video is an actual customer-owned unit, Mr. H can’t open her up on some dirt roads or on the track, but something tells us that the truck-turned-SUV would have no a problem tackling most anything thrown at it… unless that “anything” involves a beastly jump that would have some Baja vehicles cringing in fear. But that’s neither here nor there, so we’ll let Mr. Hennessey take it away:

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