Feature Spotlight: 2015 MKC Introduces All-New Lincoln Steering Wheel

When Lincoln launches its 2015 MKC in the second quarter of 2014, buyers of the compact crossover will be able to experience a brand new steering wheel.

According to Lincoln, the all-new wheel is intended to be “more consistent with the Lincoln driving experience”. It’s leather-wrapped and features high tactility, providing “better feeling and control” while putting “the brand’s new design DNA in the driver’s hands.”

Notably, the MKC will be the first vehicle to feature the new wheel, which will be available on all future Lincolns.

The Motrolix Take

Is it just us, or does the “all-new” wheel look very similar to the unit found in the 2013 Lincoln MKZ? From what we can tell, the actual wheel shape and button locations are exactly the same in the MKC as they are in the MKZ, but the material wrapping the wheel seems to be different, with the one on the MKC resembling the material used by Audi on its well-received and highly-acclaimed steering wheels.

2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid steering wheel

2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid steering wheel

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