Need For Speed (The Movie) Commercial Features 2015 Ford Mustang: Ad Break

Need For Speed, the movie, will make its theatric debut in the middle of March, and will feature actor Aaron Paul driving a modified 2014 Mustang and the all-new 2015 Mustang — marking the first film appearance for the all-new pony. Promoting the impending arrival of the film and the new Stang is this new ad.

The spot features several shots from Need for Speed, followed by footage of the new pony driving, revving (just listen to that throaty 5-liter Coyote!), and just standing still on the open road and looking pretty, all while the voiceover asks, “Do you really think that when you’ve been set up, accused and convicted, a new car can put it all behind you?”

“Depends on the car!”, it answers, and following it up with, “See the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang in Need for Speed March 14th.”


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