Ford Europe Exterior Design Director Stefan Lamm Discusses Great Design: Video

Meet Stefan Lamm — Exterior Design Director at Ford Europe. Having joined Ford in 2005 after being the chief designer at Opel, the Germany-based subsidiary of General Motors, Lamm is a key member of The Blue Oval’s design team responsible for shaping the look of Ford concept and production vehicles. In the video below, he shares some insights and ideas about his role and about automotive design as a whole.

Stefan Lamm

Stefan Lamm

Lamm says that it’s vital for car designers need to have vision. As a kid growing up in Dortmund, Germany, he loved to draw, especially when he could really get immersed into a sketch, which took him into a new world — something that is “quite special for every designer”.

“Great design is about making people fall in love with a product,” Lamm said. “I get my inspiration from colleagues and I really enjoy discussing design and looking at sketches. Here at Salone del Mobile it is fascinating to see how materials are treated in modern furniture. You can digest so many design trends here in Milan.”

Lamm appreciates every part of behind the development of a new vehicle, especially the beginning — the discussion of what the vehicle will be, and the resulting luxury of selecting the design direction — which is a team effort. He believes that a good design is when someone can remember a product and go back after seeing it and sketch it with just a couple of lines.

What’s more, Lamm’s family could never afford to buy a new car, so he sketched the vehicles of his friends.

“My father never could afford to buy a new car, so I was always watching what cars our neighbors and friends had and sketching them,” Lamm said. “I was always sketching and by the time I was 15 or 16, I started dreaming about being a car designer.”

Watch the video for yourself, starring the gorgeous S-Max Concept:

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