Over 65% Of All Sourced Parts For 2017 Audi Q5 Will Come From North America

The first vehicle to roll off Audi’s new production facility in San José Chiapa, Mexico will be the next-generation 2017 Q5. And the majority of parts sourced from third party suppliers for the vehicle will come from North America, according to Audi.

Audi says that in the medium-term, over 65 percent of all sourced parts for the Audi Q5 will come from North America. This, however, will increase to 90 percent in the long term. Audi’s effort to localize the parts content to the NAFTA region goes hand-in-hand with the automaker’s new supplier park just south of Audi’s new plant. The new supplier facility has the potential to create over 20,000 new jobs over the next ten years, with roughly 1,000 of these at the supplier park itself.

Series production of the second-generation Q5 will for the global market will begin in 2016, with supplier selection currently being underway. The vehicle will ride on the Volkswagen Group’s new flexible MLB vehicle architecture shared with the A4 through the A8.

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