2015 Ford Mustang To Debut Improved SYNC 911 Assist

When it descends upon the American market later this year, the 2015 Ford Mustang will list an updated SYNC 911 Assist system as part of its many new features.

Part of the SYNC telematic-infotainment system, the updated 911 Assist will be capable of offering emergency dispatchers with more potentially vital information with which they can better inform first responders en route to an accident. For instance, if a dispatcher knows that both front safety belts were fastened at the time of a high-speed collision, he or she may decide to send an additional ambulance directly to the scene. Safety belt monitoring varies based on the airbag systems in the vehicle.

The enhancements will enable the following information to be sent to the emergency dispatcher, who can then pass it along to first responders: maximum change of velocity during impact, indication of crash type (front, side, rear, or rollover), safety belt usage as detected by the vehicle, whether multiple impacts occurred, and whether airbags were deployed.

Those familiar with the way Ford SYNC works will know that the system’s 911 Assist feature uses a mobile phone connected to SYNC to call 911 directly when needed. It requires customer consent when a phone is initially being paired to SYNC, and the customer has the option to cancel the call before it is placed. A direct 911 call is placed using an occupant’s SYNC-connected phone in the event of an airbag deployment or fuel shutoff. The operator then receives a brief, prerecorded message that a Ford vehicle has been in a crash and has the option to retrieve vehicle GPS information.

“SYNC will only broadcast relevant information to save time, and it constructs a very efficient message for the operator,” said David Hatton, global product leader and electrical engineer, Ford Connected Services. “After the introductory message, the voice line opens automatically and occupants can speak directly with the operator via SYNC’s hands-free functionality.”

Ford worked with the National Emergency Number Association to gather input from members, including Eaton County Central Dispatch in Michigan, and to educate emergency responders about the technology.

And though it’s launching in the 2015 Mustang first, we expect other Ford and Lincoln models to receive the updated SYNC 911 Assist in the near future.

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