Ford’s Power Wheels F-150 Lets Your Child Be The Driver

Designing, creating, and building vehicles is one tough job. Automakers have to be able to look at current and future demands and create a vehicle that will fulfill the needs of the consumer. Ford and Fisher-Price have achieved this admirably with the Power Wheels F-150.

Sharing a design identical to the upcoming 2015 Ford F-150, the Power Wheels F-150 provides children the opportunity to ride in style, just like their adult brethren. This is the third generation “ride-on toy” inspired by the F-150 and, as can be expected for a new-gen item, should be the best of the bunch. Alas, Ford hasn’t released how much aluminum content is in the Power Wheels model.

While bragging to your neighbors about your child’s new-found passion for driving could force them keep up with the Joneses, the Power Wheels truck does come at a price —$349.99. That’s not kids play, but you do get the added peace of buying “Made in the USA” and the ability to say your child’s Power Wheels F-150 is built Ford-Tough.


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