Ford F-150 Power Wheels Trucks Support A Real-Life 2015 F-150

Saying your product is tough and proving it is actually tough are two different things entirely. For example, Power Wheels says that its children’s cars and trucks are tough, but just how tough? Apparently, tough enough to support a 4,120 pound 2015 F-150. And there is proof, in video form, no less.

Four Power Wheels trucks in the shape of the new F-150 were placed on a special platform. Then, a production-spec 2015 Ford F-150 is lowered onto the Power Wheels trucks. Amazingly, the toys live up to their name by handling the weight while being perfectly usable afterward. As the description of the YouTube video reads, “Tough play requires a tough truck, and we’ve got the proof to back up all the tough talk.” Indeed they do.

Over the years, Fisher-Price’s Power Wheels has been smart to partner with Ford to grow its brand and this latest video should be pretty reassuring to parents who have concerns about spending hundreds of dollars on a plastic truck. But if it can handle the weight of a full-size pickup truck, it really does prove it is tough enough for your kid. Unless your kid is a professional at destroying toys. Then it’s a whole different story.

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