Morgan Stanley Says Tesla Motors “Most Important In World”

Morgan Stanley research analyst Adam Jonas has created a report for investors that suggests Tesla Motors is the world’s most important automaker.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jonas met with a senior executive with one of Tesla’s suppliers and learned how Tesla does things differently from the Big Three, including “electrification, connected cars, and autonomous vehicles.” Now Tesla’s stock (figuratively speaking) is such that suppliers “are considering developing dedicated lines and facilities” for Tesla’s vehicles.

“Not even two years after the delivery of the first Model S, Tesla Motors has transformed from fledgling start-up to arguably the most important car company in the world. We are not joking,” Jonas wrote. “Tesla is also emerging as an emblematic force in America’s effort to foster high tech manufacturing job growth.”

But it’s not just suppliers that are jumping on the Tesla bandwagon. “A BMW engineer recently explained to us how Tesla’s presence has helped reinvigorate the spirit of automobile innovation that was beginning to run stale, further testifying that BMW will be a stronger company longer term because Tesla is around,” Jonas said. Additionally, several states are developing incentive packages to tempt Tesla to build its proposed giant $5 billion battery facility—something that potentially could create 6,000 jobs.

“It’s GDP-moving stuff,” Jonas added.

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