Charger Hellcat Exhaust Caught At Woodward Avenue: Video

The Charger Hellcat was announced a few days ago, just in time for this weekend’s Woodward Dream Cruise. We all know what 707 horsepower looks like, but what does it sound like?

This clip by Steven Pham on YouTube gives your ears the details. Better yet, it’s joined by a Challenger Hellcat!

If we didn’t know any better, we’d say it’s 1970 all over again − the rumpety-rump of a nice 440 Six Pack or Hemi emanating from the dual pipes of a Charger R/T (albeit with two fewer doors) and Challenger R/T as they pull up to the Totem Pole looking for a new victim.

You’ll be able to catch these two plus more Mopar muscle, both new and old, at Chrysler’s display right in the heart of the Woodward Dream Cruise tomorrow, August 16.


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