Second-Generation Ford Transit Connect Appealing To Those With Limited Mobility, Sales Show

Ford’s new Transit Connect van is the most popular new vehicle for consumers with limited mobility participating in the Ford Mobility Motoring Reimbursement Program, the Dearborn-based automaker said today. The Mobility Motoring Reimbursement Program was established in 1991 and helps process reimbursement requests for disabled customers and offers them up to $1,000 off a modified vehicle purchased for accessibility reasons.

In addition to offering appealing discounts, Ford says the Transit Connect is appealing to those with limited mobility because it can be outfitted with modifications such as a premium seat that lowers for easier access and a motorized lift that can accommodate a wheelchair or motorized scooter. These modifications can cost up to $12,500, according to a manufacturer of the systems, Gresham Driving Aids.

“The equipment being installed depends upon the needs of the customers,” said William Dillon, president of Gresham Driving Aids. “Some clients only need a lift for a power chair or scooter, while others may need an actual chair for the vehicle that assists them in entering and exiting the vehicle.”

Ford says the Transit Connect’s eligibility for reimbursements and ability to accommodate features such as a wheelchair lift make it the perfect vehicle for the Mobility Motoring Reimbursement Program.

“Transit Connect Wagon is a great vehicle for our program’s customers, and this is reflected in the sales momentum,” Faye Shanor, project manager for Mobility Motoring Reimbursement, said in a prepared statement. “The spacious interior, capability, efficiency and affordability make it a no-brainer.”

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