Tesla Opening First Retail Space In Tennessee Following High Demand

Tesla has officially announced it will begin to sell cars in Tennessee after signing a lease deal for a 12,370-square-foot retail space in Brentwood, The Tennessean reports.

The building, which Tesla has owned since the beginning of the summer, is a former automotive retail center. The company has been carrying out servicing operations in the building, but only recently revealed it would begin to sell cars out of the space.

“The initial requirement for a simple service center facility quickly evolved into a need for a prime retail showroom due to the popularity of the brand,” said broker Jerry Miele, who represented Tesla Motors in the purchase of the property.

The move is just another step in the right direction as Tesla rapidly expands its business operations in the United States. The electric automaker recently announced it will build its highly anticipated “Gigafactory” just outside Reno, Nevada. It is slated to become the largest lithium-ion battery plant in the world and will support Tesla’s battery manufacturing operations for years to come.



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