Ford Engineer Having Issues With 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350: Video

Woodward Avenue is America’s Pike, a local highway that is home to the great tradition of stoplight-to-stoplight bonzai runs. Sure, we live in a different era where we give the stink-eye to anything resembling street racing but, back in the 1960s, Woodward was the happening place. Today, it’s simply a local highway where folks go on their daily routines although on evenings towards the weekend you may catch people cruising from stoplight to stoplight.

So it’s possibly not of any significance that this camouflaged Mustang was caught on Woodward close to Birmingham (14 Mile Road, for you Woodward whores). According to Autoevolution, it seems this Ford mule was having trouble starting up − sakes alive! However, once the GT350’s engine (rumored to be a 5.2L flat-plane crankshaft V8) was up and running, “it treated everybody around with a stunning soundtrack.”

They point out that the duals are camouflaged to keep folks like us from being curious, but how can one not be curious about a car that looks like this? After all, it’s obvious from the headlight lenses that this is a Mustang. Take a look at the below video and see if it doesn’t whet your appetite for the upcoming step-up from the Mustang GT.

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