See How Volkswagen’s MK7 Golf GTI Handles Car And Driver’s Lightning Lap: Video

If you have six-figures laying around and are looking to purchase a performance car, you should check out Car and Driver’s latest Lightning Lap test. The publication gathered some of the most capable sports and supercars on sale today at Virginia International Raceway and put them around the circuit one-by-one, evaluating not only each car’s lap time but their driving characteristics.

But we’re not all part of the 1 percent. Lightning Lap also entails finding out which car offers the most amount of performance for your money. For a long time the king of cheap, accessible performance has been Volkswagen’s Golf GTI, but new competition has arisen in the Ford Focus ST, which C&D also had on hand for a hot lap.

The Focus ST posted a time of 3:17.6 around VIR, a respectable time in the ‘LL1’ category of the test, which is reserved for cars costing $35,000 or less. Can the less powerful but lighter GTI beat it? Check out the video below to find out.

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