Somewhere Out There Is A Remote Control VW LEGO Bus: Video

The things people build with LEGOs these days are simply incredible. Take for example this Volkswagen Bus built exclusively from them. It is a custom, personal modification that not only shows off what Legos can do, but what the builder can engineer and create.

This VW LEGO Bus comes from Youtube user Sheepo who has a growing collection of videos showing his mad LEGOS skills. It is a fully functioning 1:7.8 scale replica of the infamous van. There are also two chassis setups for it: manual and remote control.

The manual chassis for the VW LEGO Bus is carried over from a previous VW Bug project.

With the remote control (also LEGO), Sheepo can drive and shift through the 4-speed transmission VW LEGO Bus easily. It also has fully functional front disc and rear drum brakes. Plus, the bus has an independent suspension system. Wow!

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