Ford’s Jim Farley Hints At Possible Low-Cost Brand For Europe

Now that the Mustang Shelby GT350 has been introduced (having made its debut in advance of the Los Angeles Auto Show), Ford group vice president of marketing and sales, Jim Farley, will take over as the chief of Ford Europe. According to, Farley’s role in Europe won’t necessarily be the charmed life of Mustangs and such, as it possibly may be to scope out the European market and see if there are opportunities for Ford to exploit.

That’s because cross-continent competitor Renault has experienced runaway success with its low-cost Dacia as of late. Formerly, Dacia was an Iron Curtain remnant from Romania but is now a cheaper alternative to the French Renault brand.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that Europe’s current economic situation isn’t necessarily at its peak. But the unhealthy economic environment has allowed the low-cost Dacia brand to flourish. Other low-cost marques like Seat and Skoda – both owned by Volkswagen Group – also have experienced an upswing in sales, but not to the scale of the even-cheaper Dacia.

“I’ll probably be driving a lot of Ford Fiestas and Peugeots and Renaults and Dacias and Seats and Skodas. That’s really what matters,” Farley said about his plans in Europe. But when asked about the possibility of Ford giving Dacia a challenge, Farley replied, “No comment. No comment,” and then turned away.

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