Classic Car Club Manhattan Renting Out This 1966 Ford GT40: Video

Americans love the Ford GT40 because it gave Enzo Ferrari the finger when he spurned the advances of Hank the Deuce in buying the hollowed marque from Maranello. But there’s a lot more to the GT40 than patriotic pride — it’s a fabulous-looking machine that’s on par with any post-war sports car.

Unfortunately, most GT40s are unattainable. We mortals get to look at pictures and talk about it, but cars like the GT40 are only available to the ultra-rich… until now. The Classic Car Club Manhattan has a 1966 GT40 that you can actually rent. It’s painted in Gulf Racing colors and is powered by a worked Ford Racing 302 (5-liter), which should suffice for any would-be Dan Gurneys.

Below, you’ll find an atypical GT40 video — it’s a primer on how to drive the car. This is not the kind of car that you can simply hop in and drive; rather, it requires a nuanced hand to be “the captain of your vessel.” And even if you don’t ever rent this GT40, you still can learn what it takes to command one of these legendary cars with poise.

Aside of the membership and maintenance fees for the Classic Car Club of Manhattan, it costs 48 points (at around $10/point) to rent the GT40 right now. That figure goes up to 72 during the fall and spring, capping out at 96 during the summer.

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