MagneRide Suspension, Stiffer Chassis Make 2015 Mustang GT350R ‘Most Athletic’ Mustang Ever

Ford today is detailing the enhanced suspension, chassis and braking system used on the track-ready 2015 Ford Mustang GT350R. The automaker says the technologies offered in the GT350R build on the “already very capable 2015 Mustang GT performance pack,” to create the “most athletic Mustang ever built.”

Handling was at the forefront of Ford engineers’ minds when developing the GT350R. Integral to its improved track performance is the all-new aluminum front knuckle, hub and bearing assemblies, which are not only lighter than the standard parts, but are also much stiffer. Larger, more ridged front and rear antiroll bars have also been used, reducing body movement in corners for a more precise-feeling ride.

To ensure the GT350R could be driven comfortably on the road while also delivering an ideally stiff setup on the track, the model is the first Ford application of variable MagneRide dampers. The dampers house hydraulic fluid with iron particles that become magnetized when an electric current is passed through it, allowing for almost instant adjustment of the suspension. Combined with wheel position sensors which monitor the wheels thosuands of times per second, Ford says changes can be made to the car’s setup every 7 milliseconds.

To help slow things down before the corners, Ford has graced the GT350R with the “most track-credible brake system ever offered on a production Mustang.” The system consists of huge two-piece cross-drilled iron rotors measuring 15.5-inches out front and 14.9-inches in the rear along with six- and four- piston Brembo rotors for the front and rear. Dedicated brake ducts channel cool air to both the front and rear brakes to help prevent brake fade on the track.

Rounding out the improvements to the suspension and brake assembly on the GT350R are extra-stiff 19.0-inch cast aluminum-alloy wheels shod in sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires with a GT350-specific sidewall construction, tread face and compound. For the real track day enthusiasts, though, Ford is also offering optional 19-inch carbon fiber wheels with even higher performance Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber. The carbon-fiber units will expel about 50 pounds of unstrung weight over the already light aluminum wheels, but we’re willing to bet they won’t come cheap.

All these improvements will ensure the very limited production 2015 GT350R is so much more than just its 500 horsepower 5.2-liter flat plane crank V8. Ford says customers will be receiving the best-handling, most track capable production Mustang ever when the GT350R arrives later this year, and considering the hoarde of high quality parts the Blue Oval has crammed into it, we won’t be betting against them.

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