Audi Bringing Historic Auto Union Products To 2015 Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Audi is bringing out an array of significant models from its history for this year’s edition of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, both with two and four wheels. At this point you may be asking yourself ‘when did Audi make a motorcycle?’ and to that we say get ready for a quick history lesson.

Auto Union, a German automobile conglomerate consisting of different German automotive brands including Audi, bought NSU in 1969, which was the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer in the 1950s. One of their bikes was the 250cc NSU Sportmax, which Hermann Paul Müller won the motorcycle world championship on in 1955. The Sportmax will be ridden by two-time motorcycle world championship runner-up Ralkf Waldmann at Goodwood, while another NSU bike, the NSU SS 500 Supersport will also be ridden by Waldmann.

Today Audi remains a car brand despite its brief history in motorcycles, so they won’t be without their historic automobiles at Goodwood. Pink Floyd drummer and car enthusiast Nick Mason will pilot the Auto Union Type D up the hill Lord March’s estate, a twin-supercharged V12 racer which experienced much success before the war broke out, including wins at the French and Yugoslavian Grand Prix.

“Every time it’s something really special again to have the privilege of driving such a car,” Mason said.

Catch Audi’s historic racers at Goodwood when the highly anticipated event opens to the public on June 26.

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